Demonstration Videos

that Inform and Entertain

Steelcase: media:scape design story. Time 4:24

Steelcase: media:scape commercial. Time :51

Steelcase: "San Francisco WorkLife: A Day in the Life." This Steelcase video highlights innovative work spaces that help you "Love How You Work." Time: 3:45

Steelcase: Amia Chair Design Story. This Steelcase video highlights the designer of the Amia Chair as he discusses the design process of the chair. Time: 4:43

 Steelcase: c:scape design story. Collaboration as a dynamic experience.  Time 4:04

 Steelcase: i2i. Collaborative seating. A chair designed for individuals and teams. "Get comfortable without adjustment." Time: :50

 Ghent: Silhouette Enclosed Tackboard. Time: 1:49

 Steelcase: Node Chair. Steelcase's innovative and mobile collaborative classroom chair with adjustable tablet arm and casters. Time: 1:05

 Mayline: Transaction Series of Multimedia Conference Tables. Time: 2:18

 Mayline: Stella Series of Casegoods. Time: 2:55

Mayline: Flip-and-Go Tables. Time 1:16

Steelcase: Reconnect the Disconnected Workspace. Humorous depiction of unfortunate office scenarios. Time 2:07