Breakroom Supplies

A well-stocked breakroom is the key to keeping clients and employees happy and productive. General Office Supply offers a full selection of coffees, teas, snacks and quick microwavable lunches, so you can always have something on hand at break time or during a working lunch. Plus, we have plates, cups, napkins and utensils — everything you need to serve in style!


Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies


MAKE YOUR WORKPLACE SHINE! Our product line-up includes a full assortment of cleaning supplies. From soaps and cleaners to mops, brooms and janitorial gear, we have what you need to keep a clean, safe and productive workspace.




General Office Supply also offers an extensive assortment of quality recycled and eco-friendly products to help minimize the impact on the environment.


Our selection includes popular major brand cleaning products, as well as our private label offerings, which give you superior quality at great value prices. We give you a  world of options to help you take care of every cleaning need.